The research project on Rebellions, Alliances and Politics aims to compare and contrast social unrest, upheaval and alliances in the Brazilian Amazon with the Guianas, Mexico and the Andes between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Although comparative analysis of social upheavals exist for regions, within empires, or focusing either on Indian, African, Indigenous or peasant resistance, these works rarely compare conflicts and alliances with a multi-regional and interdisciplinary approach.

This research breaks new ground by comparatively discussing ethnicity, race and class in territories that were under British, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch rule, in which people were subject to different laws, policies and economies, and where independence happened (if at all) at different moments. This approach will bring to light how regional experience re-articulates itself (or not) in relation to global processes and pressures, and how uniqueness can be questioned or reaffirmed within its Latin American context.

This research project was jointly funded by a Leverhulme Research Project Grant awarded to Dr. Mark Harris (2013-2016) and a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant “Enemies, Friends and Allies: Social Upheaval in the Brazilian Amazon in its Latin American context, 17th-19th centuries” awarded to Dr. Silvia Espelt Bombín (PI) and Dr. Mark Harris (2014-2015). It is currently dormant but we hope to bring it back to life some time soon!

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